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True Nature Zendo – where an ancient practice of awakening comes alive

True Nature Zendo is hidden in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, five minutes outside Nevada City. The surroundings are idyllic – flower gardens, water, rolling hills, grazing sheep, and woodlands. Our approach to koan study and practice is inspired by the zen teacher John Tarrant. Our practice is meditation with koans. We often share our experience in conversation, laugh, and sometimes feel the depth of who and what we are — our true nature, and an intimacy with the 10,000 things.

We meet twice a week, every week on Monday evening, and on some Sunday mornings, to meditate with koans. Less frequently, we hold day-long and weekend retreats and introductions to koan meditation. All our forms of practice are relaxed and informal. We get to know ourselves and each other outside of our usual roles and stories.

Meditating with Koans

Koans are not mysterious puzzles or problems to be solved, as depicted in popular culture. Meditation with koans has longMore…

Ways We Practice

We offer meditations every Saturday morning, Monday evening, orientations by request, and...More…

Photo Gallery

What began four years ago as a koan salon in our living room has developed a life of its own. See photos of our practice here. More…

Friends of TNZ

Our approach to koan study and practice is inspired by the work of zen teacher John Tarrant Roshi, director of PacificMore…