Our Community

How does a small self-organizing group of people stay awake in the midst of ordinary small-town life? That’s what we are finding out by trying out various forms of practice.

One issue is, how does a practicing group support itself? There is no charge for our home-grown events at True Nature Zendo (TNZ), but when a visiting teacher comes, we pay a fee and travel expenses.

The suggested donation for our koan salons, half-day retreats, and introductions is $5-20. These donations will be used to create a scholarship fund. This fund will help those who need it to attend visiting teacher events and, when the fund is sufficient, give scholarship money to those wanting to attend longer retreats with Pacific Zen Institute.

The many of you who’ve been giving at each event now have the option to make a one-time recurring pledge toward our TNZ Scholarship Fund. Any amount is welcome, even the smallest recurring pledge helps build this fund. Please follow our secure Paypal link by clicking the donate button below.

True Nature Zendo has a (very true nature!!) thank-you gift ready for those taking the leap and pledging a recurring donation.

Another way to support the TNZ Scholarship fund is to buy a Jenny Wunderly Art Print. 100% of proceeds go to the fund.

A wonderful, time-honored way to practice is to support somebody else’s practice. Some people help just by putting their bodies in to the room, others help by helping them.

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