Ways We Practice

Monday and Thursday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 PM

We do sitting and walking meditation, have tea and share in conversation from the heart.

After closing you are invited to stay for 30 minutes of moving meditation–Being Danced*.

Most Mondays and Thursdays are led by Jo, and sometimes by a TNR regular.

*Being Danced explores the ebb and flow, the strain of trying to make things happen and the release, the bliss, of surrender. By allowing the emotional and physical landscapes to emerge and transform in movement, we naturally return to wholeness, freedom of movement, and connectedness. We notice how life naturally carries us and gives us what we want.

Jo holds a safe and nurturing container for women to explore the integration of meditation, movement, and life.


Sunday Morning Meditation (none on the schedule for now. Sorry)

About every three weeks Jo leads a Sunday morning retreat, 10 AM – 12;30 PM. If you would like advance notice of these retreats, let us know.

Guidelines we follow

Our practice is to bring koans to life in our meditation and in our daily life. We work with a single koan each time we come together for meditation. And we see what happens. Our focus during meditation and during sharing is on what arises inside of us in each moment. Our koan is the teacher, and what arises is the teaching. As facilitator, Jo tries to support the holding of this focus throughout our time together.

During sharing anyone is invited to give voice to what has arisen during the meditation or in that very moment. Jo will respond, either by just saying, ‘thank you’, or by comments designed to deepen or clarify in a helpful direction.

Supporting the Practice

All meditation events are by donation. No one is turned away for lack of funds.